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November 26, 2012 by skyebecks

As part of my research for designing my own website, I have been looking at the websites of other Photographers. The main aspect of my business is corporate and commercial photography, so I have been looking at Photographers who specialise in the same area.

I have found a few websites that I like. Two of these sites are: and

I made some bullet points about each of these websites:

Simon Stanmore Photography

  • commercial photographer
  • based in London
  • mostly shoots portraits
  • website in flash
  • does have a blog, but months pass in between posts – there are quite a few for November but before that, nothing since May.
  • home page has titles down left hand side and slideshow of work that fills rest of the screen.

Michael Molloy Photography

  • commercial photographer
  • based in London
  • has a wide range of work in his portfolio including portraits, architecture and landscapes.
  • has a wide range of clients such as: RAC, The Post Office, BMW and Boots
  • no blog, but does have a ‘news’ page
  • home page has slideshow of images and underneath has information about the photographer.
  • portfolio choices are down the left hand side

These websites were both great although very different from each other. They showed the work of each Photographer as well as providing information about them and giving the relevant contact details.

There was one other website I found though, which I absolutely loved. This was for a Photographer named Lindsay Fowke and the website address is:

Lindsay Fowke is based in Bristol and has over 18 years experience in Advertising and Commercial Photography.

When you first go on to the home page, there is a slideshow of his work in the main body of the page and along the top are different options for the pages on his site: Home, Gallery, About, FAQ’s, Links, Contact. There are also the logos for the AOP (the Association of Photographers) and the Commercial Photographers Network. If you click on these logos, they act as a link to the sites and opens them up in an external window. The Commercial Photographers Network link takes you straight to Lindsay’s information page on their website. Having these credentials – especially on the home page – is definitely a positive thing as it shows he has experience in his chosen field and will make clients feels like he is a trustworthy Photographer.

If you scroll down on the home page – underneath the slideshow – there are 8 further pages to choose from and these are for each aspect of his portfolio: Commercial, Advertising, Studio, Architectural, Interior, People, Product and Food. These titles are down the left hand side of the page and in the main body, there is some information about Lindsay and the Photography services he can provide.

You may notice from the picture above that there is a video you can view. If you click on this, it takes you to You Tube to view the 2 minute (and 16 seconds) long video about Lindsay Fowke and his business. Lindsay himself talks about his experience, his approach and his work on the video. You also see him ‘in action’ at a photo shoot and the final image from this shoot, along with a testimonial from one of his clients.

I think the video is an excellent idea as it introduces the Client to the Photographer and gives them a taste of his work, before even having to pick up the phone. It’s not often you see a Photographer in front of a camera, so this makes a nice change.

Lindsay has a really strong portfolio and it shows every aspect of his work. The lighting in his images are superb and I hope that one day I will understand lighting as well as this man clearly does. My favourite image is of a row of wine bottles under a tree. It looks like a lovely sunny day in a vineyard and it just makes me want to go there and drink wine!

This is a website that has everything! Information, Links, Video, Contact details and an excellent portfolio.

It would be great if there was a blog, or a ‘news’ section keeping you up to date with what Lindsay was up to, but this is only a minor issue and doesn’t detract from how good the website is.

Now I have the inspiration and motivation to make my website just as fabulous!!

Thank you Lindsay Fowke!!!


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