Statement of Intent


November 29, 2012 by skyebecks

Statement of Intent for ADA Module

  • For this module I am going to create a website to showcase work I have done during both Major Project A and Major Project B.
  • I intend to use a template from Theme Forest and then use Dreamweaver to adapt the template to my requirements.
  • I will use Font Squirrel to find a font for the text on my website. I have already looked on Font Squirrel and found fonts that I like, but I want to select my template first, then choose a font that will compliment the template.
  • For my innovative technique, I will be doing a time lapse during my shoot for Major Project A. This will show me arranging everybody into set places, adding props and ‘setting the scene’ until I am happy with it. I plan to take an image every 10 seconds for around 45 minutes and then show it on my website as a time lapse.
  • I also plan to do a 360 degree object spin. My subject for this is also linked to Major Project A. I wanted to do my own version of Degas’ Sculpture: ‘Little Dancer of 14 Years’. I thought a 360 degree spin would work well on this as you would be able to view the ‘statue’ from every angle, instead of just a front / side shot you usually see on pictures.

  • To do the 360 degree object spin, I will use the turntable at the Studio in College. I have booked time in the studio to do this and I think it will work really well.
  • On my website, I would like to show some work on my homepage. To do this, I plan to put a slideshow on the homepage, to capture my viewer’s attention straight away. My slideshow will consist of around 6 images as a taster of what is in my portfolio.
  • Also on my homepage, there will be links to different pages on my website. These will be: About Me page, Portfolio, Time Lapse, Blog, Links,  and Contact Details.
  • On the Links page, I will put links to websites relating to the work I have done in my Major Projects A and B. For example, my Major Project A is focusing heavily on the Art World and in particular the Realist movement from the 19th Century, so I would put on a link to a website that has helped me research this period.
  • I wanted to give the Time Lapse it’s own page so I could write a little bit about it and then have the Time Lapse underneath the text. I also like the idea of Time Lapse’s and if I do more in the future, they can also be viewed on this page.
  • I wanted to have a link to my blog on the website, so my viewer can check up on what I have been up to / what I am planning to do next. Along with the ‘About Me’ page, my blog will show my own personality on the website, rather than it just being cold and impersonal.
  • The main problem I expect to face in this module is actually putting the whole thing together. I am fine with all the little elements such as choosing a template and creating a time lapse, it’s just getting my head around Dreamweaver and coding!
  • To help combat this, I have been downloading templates from the ADA VLE and ‘experimenting’ by putting the template into Dreamweaver and changing things in the coding to see how it affects the rest of the website. This is a slow learning process, but it is helping me to understand Dreamweaver a little better and is giving me more confidence in the programme.

3 thoughts on “Statement of Intent

  1. I’ve been to Edgar Degas exhibition

    • skyebecks says:

      Great Stuff!! Was it recent? I really want to see the Degas Sculpture in person. I think they have it at Tate Britain, but not 100% sure! Have you any ideas?

      • It was in Cyprus (where I live) last year, was very interesting, could sit around there all day, looking at his works and sketching them ( we had to sketch some of his works and take photographs)

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