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April 18, 2013 by skyebecks

This module has been a difficult one for me as it took me completely out of my comfort zone and into a territory that I knew very little about. It took me about a month to create a blog and that was because I just did not understand it. I didn’t really understand the concept and I had no idea where to start!

During our initial lessons, I learned about wordpress and decided that would be where I would set up my blog. Once I registered to the site, I found it relatively easy to create my blog. WordPress took me through the process step by step and even told me how to make my first post!

Once I had posted a couple of times, I got in to the habit of posting at least once a week. There were times when this slipped, but if I ever had any thoughts or inspirations while I wasn’t blogging, I made a note of them ready for my next post.

I also learned very early on how to add photographs and how to embed a video from you tube into my posts. These were important as it made my posts more interesting and visual rather than just text all of the time.

My blog is my workbook and e-book all in one. It documents my journey through this module and shows research, ideas, inspiration along with website reviews and critiques. It also documents how I chose my website template and how I developed it.

My website took quite a while to get off the ground. At first I thought I had to build a website from scratch and this petrified me as I did not understand all the coding that was needed to build a website. We had lessons that looked at HTML in more detail and I even decided to look at HTML in one of my blog posts, but I could not make it sink in.

When I found out we could use a template and could use a wordpress based one, I was relieved. I knew that I still had to have some basic HTML knowledge for a wordpress site, but there were parts of it that were starting to make sense, so I was happy with that. The main thing about a wordpress template is that most of the coding is done and all you need to do is add your own content and customise the site.

I thought that this would be a case of just dragging images onto the screen and dropping them in place, but I soon discovered that this was not the case. You had to work on it in wordpress and upload pictures to a media folder before you could place them on the site. I realised it was like a more complicated version of my blog. You had to add pages, like you would add a post, upload images and embed code into the page for video. Once I figured this out, my website really started to flow and take shape.

It got to the point where I was a little obsessed with my website. I had to add to it everyday and I was continuously tweaking it and checking how it looked and tweaking it again.

I bought my domain name from 123reg and chose: www.rebeccasykescreative.co.uk. I chose this because eventually I would like to put on different work I do in the creative industry such as video and writing. I want to build up my website into a little creative hub where I can showcase all of my work, not just photography. For the purposes of the module though, I have only included work I have done so far this year for other modules.

To host my website I chose a local company called Genius Division. I got in touch with them to ask if they would critique my existing website and they offered to host my website for me for free. I also like the idea of having a local company host my site as I would be able to get in touch with them easily if I had any problems.

In conclusion, I feel like I have come a long way since September. I started with very little knowledge about websites and had never done a blog in my life. All the technical term confused me and I had no idea how or where to start with the module. I am now much more confident with everything and although I still don’t understand HTML 100%, I have learnt enough to do what I need to do and I now I have got my head round that, I want to learn more!

The one thing I wish I had done was my 360 degree rotation. I was planning on doing this with my ‘ballerina model’ before Christmas, but we just ran out of time. She came in to the studio to do a shoot for Major Project A, but by the time we had finished that, we didn’t have any time left to do the rotation. We penciled in a date for after Christmas, but again, time was against us and our schedules kept clashing. I would like to try a 360 degree rotation though and when I do, I will definitely be putting it on my website.

Over all I am very proud of my website and I believe it delivers everything that has been asked of me. My blog is important to me as it shows my journey throughout the whole of this module.

On my website I have started a new blog which is really like my next chapter. In my first post, I talked a little about the module and provided a link to my existing blog so my viewers could see how I had got to that point.

I would like to continue working on my website and also take a look at my existing website to see how I can improve that. I think that the more I work on it, the more I will learn and the more confident I will become.

Before you know it, I will be designing websites for all!!


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